Sponsored Activities


Alexander Muto founder and president of the Hawaii Leaders Core was invited to be a guest speaker at the Harry Singha Foundation Youth Leadership Summit (HSF-YLS)in the UK 11/12/14-11/23/14. Alexander was also offered scholarships from the HSF for 10 other students to accompany to London to attend the summit. Chaperone's Robin Muto, founder of Ignite A Life, Ravosh Samari, and Tony Robbins Master Coach and prominent author Delina Fajardo accompanied them on the trip. Shown in the photo from left to right, 

Robin Muto, Makaila McCarthy(Kihei Charter School), Lia King(Kihei Charter School), Nathaniel Muto (Maui Preparatory Academy), Alexander Muto (Maui Preparatory Academy), and Logan King(Seabury Hall).  Other students who attended, but not in picture: Piers Polinskey(Independent Study), Max Easler(Lahainaluna High School), Daniel Ornelas(Maui Preparatory Academy), Mitchell Harper, Ruby O'Donnell(Lahainaluna High School), Jalila Samari(Lahainaluna High School).






Park near Buckingham Palace, UK


Piers Polinskey and Alexander Muto Camden market, London, UK