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Taking raw potential and turning it into greatness


Ignite a life is proud to partner with the Hawaii Leaders Core to raise funds for this year’s upcoming Global Youth Leadership Summit in San Diego, CA.

The Hawaii Leaders Core was founded by Alex Muto as an organization to improve the lives and potentials of young leaders located in Hawaii. As a foundation dedicated to promoting the dreams of young individuals, the HLC invites youth from all walks of life to join and start elevating themselves. This organization works to enrich the lives of Hawaii’s youth through community and personal interaction, giving each and every boy and girl the ability to recognize their dream and achieve it. 

The Hawaii Leaders Core is proud to be involved with the Tony Robbins foundation through a current fundraiser to allow kids to attend the Global Youth Leadership Summit in San Diego, CA. Alex Muto attended the 5 day summit last year and was truly moved by the messages and lessons it provided, giving him a fresh outlook on personal achievement and becoming a leader. This year the HLC is attempting to raise 60 thousand dollars to allow 38 students to make the trip to San Diego for this truly life changing experience. No matter what the ethnic, spiritual or financial background of each child might be, they are welcome to participate in this journey to create a better tomorrow.

The summit itself consists of group events, amazing speakers, one on one development sessions and real world leadership practice, bringing together students from 27 different nations who want to change the world they live in for the better. Through a program designed by the legendary Tony Robbins, youth learn to master their fears, insecurities and short comings and become empowered through the greatness that lies within them. We currently have a list of students still eagerly awaiting the funds to make this trip a reality, and through the efforts of the HLC and Ignite a Life we are proud to say over 40 thousand dollars has been raised for this year’s event. We hope that next year we are able to more than double the amount of attendees able to take this journey and transform themselves, and eventually hold a Global Youth Leadership Summit on Maui.

To make a donation or find out more about the HLC please navigate to our donation page.

If you are interested in joining the HLC or contributing in another way please reach out to us through the contact page.


The Dreamers Campus University

The mission of the Dreamers Campus University is to help assist in turning a generation’s dreams into a reality. It will become a bridge between the generations, master and apprentice, for the purpose of teaching, mentoring, and through compounded efforts, imparting the leadership skills, resources, wisdom and infrastructure of a likeminded community of leaders to the world’s youth. Eventually the Dreamers Campus University will become a system of internet accounts/ databases, social communities, fiscal workshops, which will be united through the creation of an internet hub that will log the progress and experiences of each member.


The Dreamers Campus University is the much larger organization that we hope to develop through our current leadership endeavors, and the first step to promoting this global network is success in our own personal leadership ventures. The Hawaii Leadership Core would be one of many groups dedicated to this campus, giving time and resources to help sustain and embrace the dreams of all young individuals. An important element of the Dreamers Campus University is the eventual shift towards the Master and Apprentice program, where by leaders can become paired with students who seek their particular skills for any number of reasons. We hope to build a network that is united under one digital platform, eventually bringing together leadership groups from around the world.