About Ignite A Life

Our Mission

No dream is too big. No challenge is too great. It’s time to Ignite A Life. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the dreams and development of children from many walks of life. It’s time to start investing in what matters most, and we believe that the encouraging the aspirations of tomorrows adults is the most important decision we can make. We will never deny children the ability to follow their passion and work to help each and every young man and women experience the fullest life they can.

About Ignite A Life

Ignite a Life is an association that works to help children and young adults reach their highest potential in whatever they are involved in. We firmly believe that the best thing you can do for any child is encourage and support their dreams and ambitions, and at Ignite A Life we promise to never deny anyone the chance to achieve those goals. The potential for greatness in our children is huge, and by fostering the creativity and ingenuity of each one we are helping create a better future. Children are constantly underrated and dismissed, and many times they lose faith in their ability to succeed because of a lack of support. We work to provide opportunities that enrich each child’s life, allowing them to pursue the challenges that entice them as individuals. And because each child is unique we want them to understand that there is no shame in wherever their interests lie, no matter how farfetched or out of the box they might be. After all, the greatest minds of all time we misunderstood as children!

The founder and driving force behind the Ignite A Life program is Robin Muto, who along with her husband, felt an immense need to assist with the development of children on a broader scale than she had previously. As a mother, she had encouraged and supported the dreams of her own children and began watching them flourish as a result of this positive reinforcement realizing that this is the type of attitude every child needs to experience. In past years Robin successfully managed to influence education policies by bringing previously unavailable school classes to Maui. Looking to move forward she also created an empowering water sports camp that gave children the opportunity to experience instruction in a variety of water sport activities. And even more recently, along with the help of her son, she was able to raise funds to allow an aspiring football player to attend the world famous Anthony Robbins Youth Leadership Summit. In the wake of these ventures Robin realized that there needed to be a way for more people to reach out and provide the same support and guidance to the multitudes of other children who have a big dream—and from this passion, Ignite A Life was born!

Past Contributions

2010 and 2011- Supported and assisted with set up, awareness and implementation of Lindamood-Bell Learning Process's eight week summer intensive program at Montessori School of Maui.
2010 - contributed housing and transportation for Chopra Center's lead educator of the Chopra Center University to come to Maui for presentations.
2010 and 2011 - provided housing and transportation for Chopra Center's VP of Client Services & Operations and Vedic Master Educator to come to Maui.
2011 - Donated a custom made Bradley Lightening six man outrigger canoe to Maui Preparatory Academy, plus all expenses for shipping, set up and canoe blessing. Covered expenses and honorarium to fly in Sonny and Momi Bradley, the canoe designers and builders, to attend the canoe blessing.
2011 Donated full set of new Kialoa Outrigger Canoe Paddles and Steering Blades for Maui Preparatory Academy's MIL Paddling Team